Allergy Evaluation

Allergy Evaluation

Allergy Evaluation services offered in Las Vegas, NV

A comprehensive allergy evaluation is key to getting relief from your allergy symptoms. At Jurani Clinic in Las Vegas, Nevada, the highly skilled medical staff offer allergy evaluations and treatment. The full-service primary care practice takes a patient-centered approach to care, working with you to make sure you feel heard and cared for. Are your allergies running your life? Call Jurani Clinic today or schedule your allergy evaluation online.

Allergy Evaluation Q&A

What does an allergy evaluation entail?

An allergy evaluation is a thorough examination that aims to find the cause of your allergy symptoms so you get an effective treatment plan. 

Allergies are an immune system reaction to a specific substance (allergen). When you come in contact with this substance, your immune system releases chemicals that trigger an allergic reaction, ranging from itchy eyes to life-threatening anaphylaxis.

An allergy evaluation at Jurani Clinic involves a review of your medical and family histories, detailed questions about your symptoms, and allergy testing. 

Allergy testing may include:

Blood allergy testing

Blood allergy testing involves introducing different allergens to a sample of blood and measuring the level of antibodies to identify the allergen that is triggering your symptoms.

Your provider at Jurani Clinic talks to you about the testing they use for the allergy evaluation. 

I have seasonal allergies. When should I schedule an allergy evaluation?

You can schedule an allergy evaluation at any time. Seasonal allergies are reactions to substances in the environment and tend to occur during certain times of the year. But you don’t have to wait until you have symptoms to schedule an allergy evaluation.

Jurani Clinic provides allergy evaluations for:

  • Pollen, grass, and weeds
  • Mold and dust
  • Drugs
  • Latex
  • Food
  • Insects
  • Pet dander

Getting an allergy evaluation may prevent or reduce your allergy symptoms, or a life-threatening reaction.

What can I expect after my allergy evaluation?

You can expect a personalized allergy treatment plan following your allergy evaluation at Jurani Clinic. Your provider talks to you about their findings and the allergen or allergens causing your symptoms. 

Avoiding the allergen is the first line of treatment. However, if you have an allergy that’s hard to avoid, your provider at Jurani Clinic may recommend medications to reduce symptoms, such as:

  • Antihistamines
  • Nasal or oral steroids
  • Decongestants
  • Mast cell stabilizers (anti-allergy drugs)
  • Epinephrine pen (to treat anaphylaxis)

They also offer advice on how to reduce exposure to your allergen at home and work.

Your provider at Jurani Clinic may also suggest immunization therapy to treat your allergies, an injection therapy that desensitizes the immune system to reduce or prevent the allergic reaction.

Call Jurani Clinic today or schedule your allergy evaluation online.